Saturday, January 17, 2009


1907 – FIRE GOAT
1955 – WOOD GOAT
1967 – FIRE GOAT

An imaginative and creative creature, love luxury and finer things in life, like to live in an easy going with pressure environment, dislike and hates any type of discord, unpleasantness, will not like to be rule by certain rules that fix up strict routine or to be bounded.

The Goat is some sort of a perfectionist whom like to relax a bit and not always prepared to hurry up their commitments but when start working can also give the best performance. Never a loner which works better as a team because they want encouragement and support of others; when left to work on his own to deal with matters usually tends to get very worried and seeing things pessimistically.

Never like to make major decisions and will leave them to others and prefer to be will a follower instead after which proceed to concentrate on their achievements or pursuits. Only if they have particular strong feelings about certain matters or have to defend their position, The Goat will act with great fortitude and precision.

By nature, the Goat is persuasive and more than often displays considerable charms to make things going to their way. Always hesitate to reveal their true feelings in any way and if they are prepare to be more forthright thus will bring forth better results in life.

Although they seems to be quite reserved at times in company but given an opportunity they will want to be the centre of attraction. They are highly amusing character and a superb entertainer able to handle their friends and associates marvellously at social gathering or parties.

Given the opportunity when spotlight falls on them, The Goat’s adrenaline start to flow and if allow utilising their creative skills, they will display sparkling performance. Among the Chinese Horoscope signs, they are the most gifted artistic animal.
They are able to impress their audience at literature sessions, music performance or theoretical acts because they are born creative and will makes them feel happy when occupied with artistic works although they will have to work with others than themselves.

Goats need inspiration and guiding format from others but if they happen to find at times their true self, it often being widespread acclaim and immediate recognition. One of their interest is religion addition to a liking for artistic hobby and also have interest in nature study, animals and love countryside sightseeing. In addition they like to be involved in sport and are fairly athletic.

They are not in particularly materialistic or really much concerned about their financial matters but always lucky in money matters and rarely gets short of funds in time of crisis. Seldom do they keep provision of their funds for the future and always spend most of it when receiving through their ventures.

Although most Goats leave their homestead young, usually will not lose contacts with family members or love ones and is rather nostalgic, well known for keeping childhood memoirs of places that they have visited also keeping all the souvenirs. Their homes are not in any tidy but do know where to find things that they want to use and it will be scrupulously clean.

Romances are keeping important for them and more than often will find themselves involve in heart affairs before a final settlement. As they are fairly adaptable, Goats will prefer a more secure and stable environment and will be compatible well suited with The Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Pig and Rabbit.

The Dragon, Snake, Rooster and another of its kind can establish or maintain their sound relationship but not with The Ox and Dog because these creatures are too seriously opposing their carefree character, and in particular The Rat’s rather thrifty manner.

As for The female Goat, they are devoted with the family and being artistic love to make the home looks brightly furnished and also likes to make creative clothes for their love ones. They take great pride of their appearance to attractive their partner or at social gatherings.

Although they are not the most organised animal in the Chinese Horoscope their engaging manner and delightful sense of humour creating favourable impression leaving a trail whenever they go. Practically they good cooks and deprives much pleasure in gardening and outdoor activities.

Finally, The Goat can easily win friends because others feel comfortable and relaxed together in company because in due to their friendly and understanding nature but also can be stubborn at times. Should their family, friends, associates are able to support and encourage or allow them to use their creative skills at work, or in business, it will surely live happily and very satisfying life.